Mantra = the one which influences the mind; thanthra = the one which
influences the body; yantra = the one which balances these two.

Fire of Wisdom
. Strict rules are followed for the last ten millennia for learning the
Veda mantras systematically and custamatically.
. Vedic messages are the foundation stones of Hindu dharma /
sanaathana dharma. Indian culture , in all its sense Indian culture is
known as Vedic culture.
. Vedas are sometimes wrongly classified as Hindu religious books. They
are included in world heritage meant for everyone to create a heavenly
life in this world .
. Vedas do not give any explanations about hell or heaven. Vedas tell
everything needed for making the earthly life heavenly. Thus meant for
elevating the mind.
. There is nothing like sin or virtue (Paapa and punya) in the Vedas.
All should be virtuous for the existence of everything together
complementing each other.
55. In Vedas, the God never speaks directly or through agents / persons /
angel / prophets / saints/….. God does not have any advocates or
representatives in Vedas. .
. Vedas explain that everything in this world is the manifestation and
manipulation of the divinity. Hence human beings nor any living and non
beings are not the sinners. All are the embodiment of divinity
(eesaavasyamidam sarvam).
. Vedas call human beings as amurthasya puthra = the children of
immortals. This is the starting point of vedic concepts , approach and

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  1. Vedas and Vedic culture: what you won’t learn in school
    In school we can learn many things but unfortunately not the important, existential ones. These are elaborated on in Vedas, a sort of manuals how to use this world and how to live in it. Obviously, they should be available to everyone.
    “Veda” is Sanskrit for “knowledge”. Sanskrit was the language of Vedic civilization. Vedic culture, based on Vedic scriptures (sastras) called Vedas, flourished all over the ancient world with center in India, formerly known as Bharata-varsa. Vedas are the most ancient literary works on Earth, at the same time with the profoundest and widest scope. They cover all fields of knowledge, material and spiritual. The real treasures of the East weren’t jewels, spices or exotic perfumes – but the amazing treasure house of sacred and universal knowledge. This knowledge, increasingly validated by modern science, is now being embraced by leading corporations, professionals and leaders around the world. Our recent scientific and technological efforts can only to some extent approach the ancient Vedic material advancement while the Vedic spirituality is much more elevated than anything we can find in the West.

    1. Dear Appueattan,
      Learning, it’s going on
      Sharing,with your blessings…I hope it too will come up….!
      But Hail those Stalwarts, who uplift the legacy of rich Indian tradtion.

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