Operating System Concepts Book

Operating System Concepts Book
8th Edition
International Student Version

Bought from:
The Book Line, Old Bus stand, Payyannur-670 307 [phone:04985 208 844]
Cash Paid :430 [prices449/]
With the Help of Jyothiraj[Mila Computers Payyannur]-Shibu-Jithin herohonda Cheruvathur-Sunil Overseer KSEB
Contents of the Book:
The text is Organized in Eight major Parts:
1. Overview
2. Process management
3. Memory Management
4. Store Management
5. Protection and Security
6. Distributed Systems
7. Special Purpose Systems
8. Case Studies

I- Multicore CPUS, Clustered Computers and Open Source Operating Systems
II- System Structures – Virtual Machines – GRUB Boot Loader and Operating System Debugging
II- Process Concept- Pipes as a form of inter-process communication.
IV- Multi Thread Programming – Programming of Multicore systems.
V- Process Sheduling: Virtual Machine Sheduling & Multi thread aand multicore architectures.
VI- Synchronization – Mutual exclusion Locks,Priority Inversion, and Transactional Memory.
VIII- Memory Management Strategies- NUMA
IX-Virtual Memory Management: Solaris -10
X- File System,
XI- Implementing File Systems: Sun’s ZFS file systems epanding Volumes & Directories.
XII- Secondary Storage Structures: iSCSI, Volumes, ZFS pools.
XIII- I/O systems, PCIX PCI Express & Hyper transport.
XIV- Distributed Operating Systems – 802.11 wireless networks.
XV- The Linux Systems – Linux kernal
XVI- Influential Operating Systems : TOPS_20, CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows , original Mac OS.

My studies on Operating Systems will be continuing in my next series of blogs… It is so interesting.

Systems are ready -only you must Know, how to operate

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