Supply Chain Management Systems-2

"Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.
Many managers initially thought that simply implementing a Supply Chain Management (SCM) system would be enough to keep their inventories stocked with the raw materials needed to keep production flowing smoothly. However, implementation of these systems and software has helped most of those managers to realize how unrealistic their initial expectations were. The system itself can easily become overwhelmed by all of the variables involved in supplier-buyer relationships, which is why managers need to take additional steps to ensure that their SCM system stays on top of the situations.
Thought Leaders on the Supply Chain Risk Management Less from Japan’s Turmoil
The supply chain impact from terrible damage from the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan continue to grow, with plant closures both in Japan and in the West due to part shortages stemming from the factory shutdowns in Japan itself, among other problems.

China has already rejected the entry of a major cargo ship into one of irs ports due to evidence of radiocavity, perhaps from the ship passing too close by to the still trouble nuclear reactors in the Fukushima area.
Supply chain analysts forecast new global challenges
Deloitte has issued a new report identifying 10 disruptive and emerging technologies that are expected to play a crucial role in how businesses will operate globally over the next 18 months.

“With 2011 well underway, CIOs should be evaluating the progress made on their New Year’s resolutions and taking full advantage of technologies that have the ability to dramatically improve and advance their business operations and decision-making,” said Mark White, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and a co-author of the report. “We have evaluated, industry-wide, what is working and what is not when it comes to IT and have identified 10 technologies that are likely to transform the enterprise over the next 18 months.”

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