Food we take become our being.
The macro cosmic and Micro cosmic elements in the food items are imbibed by each and every cell of our body.
That is Why “our Food is our Medicine”

Sex is a great stress buster
Love-making has been found to relive the pressure of the burdens of life, ease stress, soothe chronic aches and pains, spur creativity and energy levels.

Experts say that anything that makes you feel good, alive and physically excited will make you feel as if you’ve shed years.

Some of the plenty of aphrodisiacs which can add zing to sex life.:- and also overall health:-
Figs have been found to be brimming with minerals like
magnesium, manganese and zinc and also Vitamin E .

The flashy-red watermelons contain a substance called
citrulline, which sends the body the signals to release
arginine, which relaxes blood vessels

This produces an effect similar to Viagra.
Cheese releases 10 times more endorphins than the great ol’ aphrodisiac
You just need to maintain the bond. Its aphrodisiac property has been ascribed to two chemicals. One, tryptophan,which is the building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal.

And two, phenyethylamine, a stimulant. So the kind of food we gorge upon can do wonders with our sex life. Right food can make you positively sexual and Healthy

Remember : Our Food is Our Medicine

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