Pain in Wealth

Wealth is calamitous: thus reflect always; there is not the least happiness therefrom. This is the Truth. For the wealthy, there is fear even in his own son. This is the way it is ordained everywhere.

There are two types of people who suffer. One set suffer out of poverty, the others out of richness. Suffering out of poverty is conceivable, but suffering out of wealth is absurd. For the wealthy to enjoy and be happy all it takes a bit of positive mental attitude.

Analyze what it is that we enjoy in wealth. The acquisition of wealth is a very difficult process. You have to work hard to acquire it. A businessman has to establish a factory, employ human resources, produce the goods and market the products before he receives financial rewards. Every step of his process is a struggle. Thus, acquisition is painful.

Having earned the wealth, it is painful and difficult to retain it. If you have substantial wealth, you fear the income tax department, you fear losing the wealth. If you do not have enough wealth, you worry about your future. You have to worry where to invest your money to get attractive returns. Your state of mind also fluctuates according to the fluctuation of the economy.

easy pain

Author: renjiveda

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