Food as Medicine 1

The Best Arginine Rich Foods Available
1. Nuts and Seeds – Most nuts and seeds contain Arginine. Sesame seeds contain the most, with about 7 grams per serving.
2. Gelatin Products – Products that contain gelatin contain vast amounts of Arginine.
3. Soy Protein Isolate – If a product contains soy protein, it also contains Arginine.
4. Crustaceans – A huge variety of crustaceans, such as shrimp and lobster contain Arginine.
5. Spinach – If you need Arginine in your diet, you need to eat your spinach!
6. Turkey – All turkey meat contains Arginine, but it seems that different parts of the bird contain different amounts. The breasts have the most Arginine.
7. Game Meat – Most game meat, such as deer and elk, contain Arginine.
8. Ostrich – The inside portion of the leg is the best source of Arginine.
9. Various Fish – Arginine can be found in a wide variety of fish, including orange fish and roughy.
10. Chicken – Like turkey, the greatest amounts of Arginine are found in the breast of the chicken.
Are There Any Dangers Associated with Arginine?
There are two dangers associated with Arginine – you may either get too much of it, or not enough of it. Side effects of too much Arginine include watery diarrhea, headaches, and stomach cramps. If you have herpes or another viral infection, Arginine can actually agitate the condition. Some doctors advise against the use of Arginine supplements for patients who have liver or kidney disease.
If you have any health condition, you should always check with your doctor before taking any supplements, or making changes to your diet. This is true for Arginine as well, regardless of the fact that the body naturally produces it.

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