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The amino acid, L-arginine is the single dietary source of nitric oxide which is crucial to health as it protects the cardiovascular system. A semi-essential amino acid, arginine is normally produced by the body but sometimes supplements of arginine is required due to infection, rapid growth, burns or excessive lysine intake. Physiological functions of our body are stimulated by arginine. In the body, arginine helps specific processes for example getting rid of ammonia and assisting with the production of creatine. Hair loss, poor wound healing and skin & liver problems are the symptoms of arginine deficiency. High protein foods are the best sources of arginine. These foods are easily incorporated into daily meals. Consuming a balanced diet will often result in getting a suitable amount of any amino acid.n some cases like High blood pressure patients have to take Arginine supplements as their body does not produce enough amount of amino acid arginine. Intake of Arginine supplements can actually help them to lower blood pressure. To control diabetes, for stronger muscles and better sex, arginine should be included in your daily diet schedule. Arginine shows potential in treating migraine headache, atherosclerosis and heart failure. A recommended daily value for arginine is not mentioned by the United States Department of Agriculture. However, you can increase your arginine level by proper selection of foods.
Foods High in Arginine Level
It is very important to take required amounts of arginine to the body to correct the symptoms associated with arginine deficiency. Check out which foods are high in Arginine Level.
Nuts contain a very high amount of arginine and are known to be the best arginine rich foods. Nuts such as sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hazel nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, peanuts, cashews and walnuts are good sources of arginine. In your daily diet, add all these nuts in the form of salads, raw snacks, desserts and many other food preparations. All types of nuts contain 2 to 4 gms of arginine per 100 gms serving. Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and pistachios contain more than 2,000 mg of arginine per 3.5 oz.
For vegetarians, beans are good sources of arginine. In legumes, French beans, black beans and kidney beans are good selections as they provide about 2 gms of arginine per serving of 100 gms. Soybeans are one of the utmost sources of arginine in legumes. Dry, roasted soybeans or soybeans prepared in any form are also very rich in arginine; they contain 3 grams of arginine. As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 100 g of koyadofu contains about 3.19 g of arginine.
Some good animal products like meat, chicken and dairy products are the highest sources of arginine. Almost 2 gms arginine is provided by red meat like veal, beef and pork. Chicken and tuna provide 1.74 gms of arginine and other seafoods like salmon and shrimps also contribute a significant amount of the same. A chicken breast has about 1,000 mg of L-arginine per 3.5-oz serving while cheddar cheese provides 950 mg of L-arginine in the same serving size.
Several species of fish contain high levels of L-arginine. Tuna and anchovies provide more than 1,700 mg of arginine in a 3.5-oz. serving. Sardines contain 1,500 mg in the same serving size. Another good source of L-arginine is Shellfish. Shrimp provides 1,776 mg arginine per 3.5-oz serving, and scallops supplies 1,223 mg. Most other fish species have arginine content between 1,000 and 1,200 mg per 3.5-oz serving.
Grains also serve as good source of arginine for vegetarians. In most whole grain foods like brown rice, wheat germ, teff and quinoa, arginine is present. Oats provide high amounts of L-arginine. Oat flakes provide 1,206 mg arginine per 3.5-oz. Serving and puffed oats provide 1,142 mg in same serving size. Another good source is wheat germ which provides nearly 1,000 mg per 3.5 oz. Sweet potatoes could also be good sources.
Other arginine rich foods
Gelatin Products: Gelatin containing products are rich in Arginine.
Crustaceans: A vast variety of crustaceans, for example lobster and shrimp contain Arginine.
Spinach: You need to consume spinach if you require Arginine in your diet.
Game Meat: Most of game meat, for example elk and deer contain Arginine.
In fruits, watermelons are best source of arginine. Other foods that contain noteworthy amounts of arginine include buckwheat, cottage cheese, raisins, oatmeal, ricotta, skim yogurt, nonfat dry milk, beef, sunflower seeds, pork, turkey, brown rice, quail, pheasant, halibut, lobster, shrimp, salmon, snails, granola, chick peas, and chocolate.
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