Time Management Tips

Time is valuable and we often take it for granted. We either have too much or too little. Time is something to be respected and used wisely


1. Think through the task you ar about to undertake before you even begin it.
2. Don’t take on too many tasks at the same time.
3. Finish one project before starting on a new one.
4. Always strive to finish everything you start.
5. Streamline your paperwork so that you don’t waste time on needless duplications.
6. Ask for help. Delegate tasks rather than doing everything yourself.
7. Set aside uninterrupted time to complete a project so that you can avoid distractions.
8. Pay attention to instructions and conversations so that you get the details right from the first time.
9. Before you run an errand, make sure the items you are going for are ready.
10. Schedule your appointments during the morning hours so that you become more organized.
11. Maintain a clutter free home and workspace so that you don’t waste time looking for misplaced items.
12. Pick out your outfit for the next morning and have everything ready so that you don’t waste your time in the morning.

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