Fastest Computer

In Japan
Name : ‘K’
Power of this super computer is equivalent to 10 lakhs working Desktop Computers.
Means, this can calculate 8.2 quadrillion(15 zeros after1).
This Super computer was developed by ‘Riken Advance Institution for Computational Science(with the Financial Assistance of Japan Govt)&’Fujitsu Co.
Previously this +1st Place was adorned by the ”Tianhe-1A” of the National Computing Centre of China.
¤speed of these computers are determined by a single standard Mathematical equations.
¤”k” become 1st in the International Super computing conferance at Hamburg.
¤the Name – ”K” – came from Japanese-”Kei” means 10 quadrillions
¤this ”K”needs Power equivalent to 5 super computers.
¤the earthquake in March made the creation of K a bit slower, but later on, ,made it.
¤expense for its creation- approx 112 billion yen.
¤68544 processors work at a time and needs 9.9 Mega Watt Power.
Equivalent to 10 million dollars eley bill.(power for 10000 houses one year!)

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