Trissur Tekke Brahmaswom Madhom

The Vedic Educational Centre at the Heart of Trissur Town.
I am in the New Vehicle of Shri Hari Vembola

(Mahindra Powered by mDI CRDE
KL 48 C 7500 shri RajRajeshwari).
A nice vehicle. picked Shri Shankaran Namboothirippad Tarananellur ,presently sttudying at Brahmaswom Madhom.
Being a Sunday, roads of Trissur are not so crowded.
Media Player of the MUV plays the speech of Shri Girishji.
girishji is explaining Lalitha Sahasra Naamam.
purakkudinjam Sajiv Bhattathirippad, Parameshwarettan, and Oppol is also enjoying the journey.
girishji is now at ”Kammaakshi”.
sathee dahanam- ambutation – by Sudarshana Chakram.
Day is nearing noon. shri Chakra Padmam Rachana may start by afternoon.

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