Gayathri Manthra


There was sage Viswamithran who as the name implies was,Uncompromisingly helped many people of Akhanda bharatham. And he propounded the Hymn GAYATHRI (Gayath Thralayathe Ithi Gayathri for the same purpose – the same mission he was standing for)
Please watch this You Tube the innocent children chanting Gayathri, who comes to help them?
It was Maha Bhagavathi (Kohi – i – Assamai surrounds Kabul city developed (Kubhasthan Vedic place where sage Upamanyu propagated Saivisam) where the Akhanda Jyothi still Flames from 4000 years before and still, inspite of the continuos attacks.
It is here Har Sri Nath Siva Kshethram where nobody to visit. Please watch this you tube of Maha Aryana.

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