A Fresh Morning Train

Mornings can dawn at any place. But they must be dawns and ther must be dawns. !
The vividity of events vary according to the Space and time and not the least,the ”subject or object’.

And this very fine mirnung, me and my wife Shrimathi Savitha Antharjanam have a fresh morning flowering out in the speeding compartment of ParashuRaam Express from north of Kerala, Manglore, to the south , Thiruvananthapuram.

By 5.55 Parashu Raaman came at the platforum of Great Neela Kandeshwaram.

6.15 am
we reached and stopped at Payyannur.
Passengers are rushing in to the day express. All the compartments are for the cattle creed(courtesy: Sri Sashi Taroor)

The Morning Sun is yat to wake up, ….
Crowded the train is…
Chirping the birds are,a t the station…

The tasty smell of some breakfast dish is approaching…!

Author: renjiveda

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