Ajith Nambudiri at Home town Nileshwaram

Ajith Nambudiri at Home

Shri Ajith Nambudiri, who is the leading researcher of Carnatic Music in Kerala is back home for a single day’s rest.
”Ajiyettan”, we younger chums call him lovingly.
He is my close relative, cousin brother of my mother. And his ancestoral home is 12 kms east of ‘ Nileshwaram’ near Payyannur.

Yesterday, while Nileshwaram was throbbing with the maddening crowd formed by those who came to attend ”Nileshwaram Mahotsavan” – a local carnival running in the good old ”Raja’s High School Ground,
I saw Ajith Nambudiri, or rather he picked me up.
It was quite a pleasent surprise to see him, more truely speeking, to meet him in flesh and blood.
We miss Shri Ajith Nambudiri a Lot, since he shifted his accomodation to Thiruvananthapuram.

Santhosh Vethiramana and Ajith Nambudiri

Such an ardent Music lover and Researcher, is a rare specimen of Human form amid the high speed techno era.
Even now , we are at free to ask him any doubt at any market place. He is that much expanded to satiate our doubts however silly it may be.
Usually he has his ” Sure Visits” during the April – May Months of the year to home at ”Nelliyadukkam, Kollampara” near Nileshwram,
During the Months of April and May, his home is completely festive with nostalgic ” Theyyam” – a folk art of Kerala. And his family, who hold the Priest hood of the ”Theyyam” which is a lot more than a folk art for the believers, prepares in all its splendour to host the event which last for a week.
Actually I believe that Ajiyettan is getting the immense energy and zest which he nurtures round the clock, from the blessings of the divine ”theyyam” invocations.
His musings on art forms and Music in ”Amrutha TV” and other national medias have by now completed a first series on the rare and extincting traditions of Kerala.
We Miss you .....

I had wrote earlier in my blogs, in detail about Shri Ajith Nambudiri, with links to his sites and works.

But still I cant resist to write on him and every interaction with him act as a trigger..

We can easily access him at ” Sangeetha Gurukulam” in the ”blogger space.

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2 thoughts on “Ajith Nambudiri at Home town Nileshwaram”

  1. this is a great moment for all of us. what a great surprise>>>>>>…………………..
    I want to come to Nileshwar like this………………….

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