Swappa “ebay of android” a review

blockbuster Android releases

its a market dedicated solely to exchange of used Android devices.

Swappa streamlines the process dramatically, you can even log in with just your Facebook account if you wish and from there its only a matter of time.

As easy as it is to sell on Swappa, its arguably even easier to buy. One thing that’s particularly nice about Swappa is that it acts like a store. You don’t have to spend any time negotiating or connecting with the seller. You just buy the product like you would at any online store.

Swappa is indeed special in that it is a site by Android lovers for Android lovers.

*By the way, every device sold on Swappa that has CyanogenMod installed results in a $5 donation to the developers of CyanogenMod AND If you are a Reddit user and you buy or sell a device on Swappa they will buy you a month of Reddit Gold to show their appreciation.


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