Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine

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Would allopathy work for you? Would ayurveda be a better choice? Or should you opt for aromatherapy instead? Enter integrated medicine, a system of holistic healing that takes into account your constitution and gives you the therapy that`s going to work best for you.

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‘’ – Integrated Medicine couples the latest scientific advances with the most profound insights of ancient healing systems, giving you the best ways to preserve health, increase longevity and speed recovery from illness.
Integrated Medicine is a revolutionary approach to healing people — not just treating diseases — using the unique tool called person-centered diagnosis.
Integrated Medicine recognizes that the outcome of all health care is strongly dependent upon four powerful influences in the lives of each person. These four pillars of healing are:

– Relationship. The social support network: family, friends, involvement in community, and a strong-patient alliance.
– Diet and lifestyle. Nutrition, habits, and the daily pattern of rest and exercise.
– A healthy environment. Protection from chemical and biological toxins.
– Detoxification. The body’s ability to self-purify and protect itself from internal toxicity.

Integrated Medicine allows you to find optimal health by understanding your individual needs for achieving balance and harmony. – ‘’’

Integrative medicine

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