WATER the Basic Need – Are we Careless ?

water ! a fascinating combination of Hydrogen and oxygen !


“”വെള്ളം വെള്ളം സര്‍വത്ര !
തുള്ളി കുടിക്കനില്ലത്രേ …….!””

“Water Water Every where…But,
Not a drop to DrinK..!”

The Cool Atmosphere is slowly withering
The Hot Winds are nearing…
In the inner most villages of People travel miles to get water.
We must Awake and hear the voice of a thirsty cuckoo.
We Must Open the eyes and see the water being wasted away AND do every thing that each individual can do, to save water, the basic need of mankind and the the living organisms as a whole on this earth.

This photo taken by me from Nileshwaram Railway Station also will be a rare picture in the summer.

Author: renjiveda

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