Plastics Waste Management

Plastics, one of the wonderful inventions of 20th Century, is a Ubiquitous material. Plastics has replaced the traditional material (paper / cloth etc.,) as packing and carry bags because of cost of convenience. India has witnessed a substantial growth in the consumption of plastics and increased production of plastic waste. The plastic waste is now considered as environmental hazard due to the “Throw away culture”. The hazards plastics pose are numerous.
The land gets littered by plastic bag garbage presenting an ugly and unhygienic seen.
The “Throw away culture” results in these bags finding their way in to the city drainage system, the resulting blockage causes inconvenience, difficult in maintaining the drainage with increased cost, creates unhygienic environment resulting in health hazard and spreading of water borne diseases.
This littering also reduces rate of rain water percolating, resulting in lowering a already low water levels in our cities.
The soil fertility deteriorates as the plastic bags form part of manure remain in the soil for years.
It has been observed that the animals eating the bags sometimes die.
Plastic goes into the ocean which is already a plastic infested body of water. Fish and other marine species in the water ways, misunderstanding plastic garbage as food items swallow them and die.

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