Focused Thinking

Focused Thinking

Focus ! will work Miracles !

Only when we focus our energies can we expect results from our efforts. Focus comes from an acute awareness of “now or never”, that the opportunity only presents itself in a fraction of a second and that we have to remain very alert to catch it.

Focus means to be well aware of which direction we want to move in, but very often we have not even considered that when we start acting. By first deciding the direction, and having thought through what you want to achieve in the end, you are then able to pick out just a few of the actions, those that support that aim. You will then find that the effect is much greater with less use of our mental and physical energy.

An analogy (comparison) in this regard is the suns rays, when you focus them through a magnifying glass, they generate intense heat energy. Similarly when we focus our energies on a clear purpose, our life’s activities become filled with power.

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