Techniques to trigger endorphin

What is endorphin? Endorphin is a chemical secreted from one’s own body that helps reduces stress, pain and creates a general sense of well being and happiness. The power of endorphin can help shape one’s life, leading him/her to success when endorphin is released.
Endorphin is naturally created from one’s own body. There are many ways to trigger the power of endorphin through many different techniques. Here are some of the techniques that will trigger endorphin to your body.

Techniques to trigger endorphin

Techniques to trigger endorphin

Food (spicy food and chocolate)
Excessive release of endorphin also helps combat aging. Endorphin relives a person of stress and help one focus. The mind becomes clearer and it starts to trigger the right mindset that can tackle anything. The power of endorphin can also combat depression. Create your own endorphin through one of those techniques. Use it for your own success

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