Tips for Progressive Life

The main hindering factor in the flow of Life :


To suffer from phases of low mood.
Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is perhaps the best, daily activity you can indulge in to ensure better mood.


Researchers across the world have
confirmed that you don’t need
to be a gym- junkie or into hardcoreweight trainingto feel the benefits of exercising.

Just take upon any kind of
physical activity that gets your heart pumping
and makes you sweat.

This includes running,
jogging and a bit of stretching. If you can
combine some bit of light-weight training, it is
even better but not imperative.


Exercise has a
direct impact on our mood . It makes the body
secrete more endorphins. These biochemicals
are responsible for inducing a feeling of
goodness that sustains for many hours after

You should exercise for more than
30 minutes to use exercising as an anti-depression tool.


Make Small Dietary Changes
You can make small dietary changes to fight off
depression .


Ensure that you get your daily
quota of vitamins, particularly folic acid and
other types of vitamin Bs.


For this, regularly
indulge in green leafy veggies, bright-colored
fruits, potatoes and dairy products like yogurt
and cottage cheese. These vitamins are essential
for synthesis and release of mood-lifting
chemicals within the brain.


Vitamin B12 is
required for the overall regulation of our
nervous system. Combine this with some source
of essential fatty acids. This includes flax and
mustard seeds.


Omega 3 fatty acids are required
for release of mood boosters like Serotonin and

Thus, increase your intake of
walnuts, soybeans, fish and tofu.


Get Sufficient Sleep
All of us suffer from phases of troubled sleep.
When this problem starts to surface regularly, it
becomes an underlying cause of depression .


Lack of good sleep causes irritation. It reduces
your ability to handle lowmood swings. Trying to
catch a nap and staying-up late at night
watching TV further reduce the quality of night


Ensure that you get at least seven hours
of peaceful sleep each night. Lack of sleep
disturbs the body clock, and can push you
towards chronic depression.


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