Personal Information Management (PIM) in Android

What do you want in a note-taking app?

Chances are it’s a little different from what the list below:

Text Entry: The basic functionality. A notepad app needs to take notes. It should perform well with both short and long text.

Data Synchronization: The big problem. Android doesn’t have a computer backup program, like Palm and Blackberry. The data has to be stored somewhere OFF the phone, where I can restore it when necessary. Google Docs would be fine with me.

Search Integration: The second big problem. I’ve got years of notes on my phone. They’re no good to me unless I can search through them. And I don’t mean from the program itself; I want notes to be searched from the main Android search button, duh.

Import/Export: I’ve got LOTS of notes from my Palm days. Wait… Palm years. Whatever I use needs to import them, because I’m NOT entering them again. Likewise, I realize someday I’ll need to switch programs; exporting to CSV or some other format will help me when that day comes.

Data Hierarchy: A big word for “tags”. It should be easy to categorize notes. Palm used categories, a one-level hierarchy, like allowing a single tag on each note. I like hierarchies (like directories) and multiple tags on a single note.

Data Integration: When I enter a phone number, it should be recognized as a phone number; when I click on it, it should dial the phone directly from my note. Same sort of thing for URLs and GPS coordinates.

App Integration: I should be able to attach a note to an appointment in the calendar, or a task in the to-do list. This is where I’m likely to be most dissapointed; I don’t think there’s any such integration anywhere on the Android platform.
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