Ponjanam Shri Krishna Temple

RENJITH CK’s location@12:51,8/4

Today is the Prathishta Dinam


This temple,  though in the name of Bhagavaan Shri Krishna , is dwelled by Shri Devi – “Painkanni “. Hence the temple is also famous as “Painkannikkavu “.

Other Dieties who adorn the divine atmosphere are Bhadra Kaali and Dharma Shaasta

The temple has another pecularity of the “Prathishta “(installation )of Shri Bhadra Kaali was done by a Woman. 


Rather she is a little girl studying in High School at Irinjaalakkuda.

Being  the daughter of Temple Priest and Tantri,  Brahma Shri Tarananellur Padmanabhan Namboothiri ppad ,


“Jyotsna” the First Woman Tantri in Kerala is adament in the Rituals and committed to the Temple Tamera and Tantrik Karma.

Today is the auspicious  day of Installation ceremony.


To invoke and distribute Divine Power to the well Being of the society, “Shri Chakra Pooja ” ( Sri Yantra ) is conducted in the heridatery padhathi of ancient Tantri Brahmin family – Tarananellur Mana.


The History of Tarananellur traces back to the age of Sage Parashu Raam who initiated the ancestors to Sri Vidya Tantra.

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