Nazhika to Hour Convertor

Nazhika to Hour Convertor


Traditional astrologers measure time in terms of Nazhika and Vinazhika with reference to sunrise
or sunset.
In North India Nazhika is called Ghati and Vinazhika is Vighati.


N2 H Convertor
For example an astrologer may write in the horoscope that “X was born 15 nazhika and 25
vinazhika after sunrise”.


A day is divided into 60nazhika during which time the earth rotates by 360 degrees. This means that a nazhika is the time taken by earth to rotate by 6 degrees.

As one nazhika is divided into 60 vinazhika, a day as 3600 vinazhikas.
Conversion of time from nazhika system to standard time is straight forward since one nazhika equal 24 minutes and one vinazhika 24


However, certain complications arise since the reference may be made to before or after Sunrise and since the time may move over
to the next day or go back to the previous dayas per standard time conventions.


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