Maha Vishnu Temple Suvarnavalli


Location : Suvarnavalli,  Pattena, 4 Km from Nileshwaram, 24 Km from Payyannur, 10 Km from Kanhangad , 40 Km from  Kasaragod. 117 Km from Manglore Bajpe Airport.

Presiding Diety : Shri Maha Vishnu


Today, the Thiruonam Star of the Sacred “Vaishakha” celebrated with auspicious ” Kalabham “.


Tantri Koramangalam Namboothiri from Kaithapram performed important rituals, assisted by Narasimhan Namboothiri of Kizhakkillam Neelamana who is the priest of the Namboothiri Gramam.


The climate is a mixed one with occassional drops of rain amid the sun rays.

Yesterday night lit by intense Lightning and thunder, and the summer raining made the atmosphere cool.



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