Experience Of Sai Devotees:  Om Sri Sai Ram

SHRADDHA                                                          SABURI

Why fear when I am here?

 Shama’s younger brother Bapaji was staying near Sawool well.

Once his wife was attacked with Bubonic plague. She had high fever and two bubos in her groins.

Bapaji rushed to Shama at Shirdi and asked him to come and help. Shama was frightened, but according to his wont, he went to Baba, prostrated himself before Him, invoked His aid, and requested Him to cure the case. He also asked His permission to go to his brother’s house.
Then Baba said, “Don’t go there at this late hour (night), send her Udi. Why care for the fever and bubos? God is our father and master; she will be alright easily. Do not go now, but go there in the morning and return immediately.”Shama had full faith in Baba’s Udi.

It was sent with Bapaji. It was applied on the bubos and some of it was mixed with water and was given to the patient for drinking. No sooner was it taken in, than perspiration set in profusely, the fever abated and the patient had a good sleep.

Next morning Bapaji was surprised to see his wife alright and refreshed with no fever and bubos. When Shama went there next morning with Baba’s permission he was also surprised to see her at the hearth and preparing tea. On questioning his brother, he learnt that Baba’s Udi cured her completely in one night. Then Shama realized the significance of Baba’s words. “Go there in the morning and return immediately.After taking tea, Sharma returned and after saluting Baba said,”Deva, what is this play of Yours? You first raise a storm and make us restless and then calm it down and ease us”. Baba replied “You see mysterious is the path of action. Though I do nothing, they hold Me resonsible for the actions which take place on account of Adrista (destiny). I am only their witness. The Lord is the sole Doer and Inspirer. He is also most merciful. Neither I am God nor Lord. I am His obedient servant and remember Him often. He, who casts aside his egoism, thanks Him and he, who trusts Him entirely, will have his shackles removed and will obtain liberation”. Experience Of Sai Devotees: Om Sri Sai Ram I don’t know where to start, Baba is has been with me in every step of my life. Recently I am going through many issues. One after other, I know it is pattern of life. But, Baba never left my side.

Sorry Baba, for delay in posting my experience. One of My recent experiences, I live in US; you know waiting times for GC filing is ridiculous. One of Bulletins (which shows which priority dates are allowed for filing) my date didn’t get current; it stopped just 25 days before my date. I really needed to file my last step of my GC processing as soon as possible. There is good chance of retrogression in next month bulletin.

But, I prayed to baba I should get current in next month bulletin, my prayers were answered, my date got current in following month bulletin and it stopped there since then. Have Faith and Patience your prayers will be answered. Have full faith and devotion towards baba; believe in baba’s words “Why fear when I am here”, he will take care of all our burdens.

All we need to do is one simple thing “Always remember him”.Om Sai Ram!!!Deepthi Om Sai Ram, Baba did several miracles in my life which was awesome and am really happy about that..baba gifted me a boy baby last month  which was again on my fav Thursaday…

Lots of good things happend me in my life on thursdays only…he s simply great. Now am in deep worry that according to Dr’s statement , my child has a hole and valve blockage in heart and advised to start procedure shortly..

I’M STRONGLY BELEIVNG BABA TO DO SOME MIRACLE …to show the next report as normal and the same dr must have to  say need not worry..

Im sure he will do but being a normal human being i have bit fear as well.

I have surrendred myself meekly to baba and awaiting for his blessings to baby..

Requesting all of your prayers…!Jai Sai Ram,Ram. Om Sai Ram!!!

Meditate on me either with form or without form, that is pure bliss.-Baba !!!
Bow To Shri Sai – Peace Be To All !!!

— (Note: Please share your experience & Baba Blessing with all Sai Devotees.Om Sai Ram!!!)

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