NotesMappr – Notepad Notes Brett Kromkamp

NotesMappr is a notepad with powerful features and semantic web integration.
NotesMappr is an advanced note taking app with powerful organizational features and is integrated with the semantic web (Freebase and, by extension, Wikipedia).
***Main benefits***
1 – NotesMappr can be thought of as the textual equivalent of mind maps and/or concept maps. In a nutshell, NotesMappr’s powerful underlying data structure, topic maps, makes it possible to link your notes in any way imaginable.
2 – Furthermore, NotesMappr’s integration with Freebase ( makes it very easy to complement and enhance your own notes with comprehensive and reliable external articles and (associated) images.
3 – Finally, a set of notes in and of itself is a valuable thing. However, said set of notes becomes more valuable if the notes themselves are related in an appropriate manner. In addition, context enables both easy and quick discovery of information saving you time. Furthermore, context enables you to expand your knowledge without the risk of your knowledge becoming disjointed or fragmented.
***Main features***
1 – NotesMappr provides you with both the ability to establish meaningful relationships between notes and subsequently navigate said notes in a very straightforward manner.
2 – NotesMappr enables you to complement and enhance your own notes with articles and images from Freebase (, an open Creative Commons licensed repository of structured data of almost 22 million entities.
3 – In addition to (formal) associations, NotesMappr also features “WikiWords” (words with multiple capital letters in the body of a note) to create and link notes within their context. NotesMappr automatically turns said WikiWords into links to other notes – just tap a link to create the new note.
***Required permissions for NotesMappr***
1 – android.permission.INTERNET – needed so that NotesMappr can query and subsequently retrieve (semantically) related articles to complement your notes.
2 – android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – needed so that NotesMappr can determine the state of the network connection of your device before attempting to connect to the web for subsequent querying and retrieval of semantically-related articles.
3 – android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – needed so that NotesMappr can save the automatically detected article’s image (on Freebase) to your SD card.

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