Motivation for a Process to Happen

Courtesy : Gopala Nair
Motivation For a process to happen effectively, I need to prioritise, that is, to make the best use of my time, energy and resources.


 To prioritise, I also need to recognise and refuse clever excuses (for example, ‘there is no time’) and create a timetable that is realistic and functional.

As I prioritise my values, then the type of motivation I have becomes clearer. Is my motivation materialistic or spiritual? The results of one and the other are very different.


Materialistic motivation is based on ambition, competition and a desire for position. Often we believe we cannot succeed without these and so think and act on the basis of these values. Often the results include conflict, fear, attachment, jealousy, possessiveness and over-identification of the self with a role, a position, which makes us feel threatened by anyone who is more talented or more praised.


For example, when motivation is materialistic, there is always the fear of loss of something that, in turn, creates uneasiness, stress and worry. Spiritual motivation is based on enthusiasm for a task, rather than blind ambition, co-operation with the uniqueness of others, rather than being in competition with those differences. Finally, the feeling to serve through whatever talent, position, or role I have.


The results of spiritual motivation are respect, harmony, individual and collective well-being, a sense of purpose and the feeling of a deep fulfillment in one’s being. 


Many of us think that motivation can be through “monitory benefits” only, but we all must understand that our colleagues / fellow members are also human beings and many a times our love and appreciation by good words can also make miracles! 


Irrespective of your position & status, please have a “human-touch” in every action of yours.-

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