SRADHAM Arayaakkil Perika Mana Illam

Pithru Karmam Most Sacred for Namboodiris of Kerala .
In the Loving Memory of BramhaShri  Late Sambu Namubudiri AP, Arayakkil Perikamana Illam ,Pattena Nileshwaram.




Elder Son of BramhaShri Shambhu Namboodiri , Shri Prasanna Shankaran AP, Daughter Shrimathi Gouri Krishnan Antharjanam, Younger Son Shri AP Sreenivas Master Performed the ‘”Sraadham ” along with their Mother Shrimathi Ganga Devi Antharjanam.
Grandsons Renjith Krishnan and Hari Murali accompanied in the traditional rituals .
Karkkidakam expected to be a Month of incessant Rains , remained without Showers .

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