Media Reporting belying expectations

Every Issue has got a Pivotal Point and a significant Environment by which the issue/problem/bottleneck/ exists. I conceive that general news reporting for the past one decade had merely a dictation writing. The reporter of the particular News paper would have heard some nook and corner of the issue, then he would have [some times ] conducted a probe. Then all of this merges his con jested imagination and writing flair delivering a “News Report” of which truth will be a content but only some percentage. A baked Half truth is more dangerous than a Good Lie.

Here, in this News article, highlights by Shri Abhilash, the writing skill coupled with the news that the reporter heard from those prays of the KSEB who are not selected to deserving post even after possessing the required qualification, has worked out.

Experience always matters, and never to be under estimated. It is true that Qualification as per orders is a must, but articles like this and propagating this will de motivate at least a minority who is hard working, whom I personally know . [ I write this out of my Seventeen Years Service in Kerala State Electricity Board in a variety of designations ] I just cannot never justify a simple thing which is not well studied. I give a sharp thumbs down for this Article in the daily, and the highlighting in Face Book.

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