Debian named Jessie 8

Debian is named Jessie 8

Universal Linux distribution is preparing to make the final bars of 7 Debian will soon arrive on the stable branch. Debian 7 should be released officially at the beginning of 2013, but the team of Debian is already looking toward the future, it was chosen the new code name for the future Debian 8 to be named Jessie as the famous cowgirl of the animated film Toy Story 2 as well as all releases of Debian.
At the release of Debian 7 as a stable release Debian 8 Jessie from unstable development branch called “Sid” takes place in the testing branch instead of Wheezy. 8 as the release of Debian stable release is planned for 2015. As for the exact dates of release of Debian 7 there is nothing official yet, the only thing certain is that since the feature freeze must pass at least 6 months to 7 Debian can be considered stable.

Also critical bugs found in the packages should be up to 300 against 600 recorded so there is still much work to do for the team of Debian and that’s why the release of Debian 7 will take place in early 2013 and not at the end of 2012 as had been previously announced.



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