Thought For The Day – The uncertainty of life

A water drop on a lotus leaf is very unsteady, so also life is extremely unstable. Realise that the entire world is consumed by disease and conceit and smitten with sorrow
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Life is ephemeral, as well as infested with pain and difficulties. The water drop does not stick to the lotus leaf, it is very unsteady and it may drop back into the pond at any moment. So is our life – unsteady and unpredictable. Life is in a constant state of flux. We carry on with our life based on belief and trust, not on certainties. The only thing that is certain is the uncertainty itself. Yet most people have an expectation of certainties. They expect the world to be certain according to their taste. It will not be met with and that causes agitations.

In this uncertain life, we are conceited and behave as if everything is fully under our control and very certain. Life is not only unstable and uncertain but the entire world is consumed by disease (external problems) and sorrow (internal problems).

He is highlighting the negative aspect because we can then develop the mental stamina to endure the challenges and go forward in life. Just as the sun hardens the mud and softens the wax, trials and tribulations can either break us or make us. It depends on what we are made of, our inner stuff or mental constitution and mental attitude.

Every aspect of life is painful. Stress related diseases are growing in epidemic proportions. Birth is painful, growth is painful, disease and decay and death are all painful. These are the five metamorphic changes. Acquiring wealth is painful. You have to plan and scheme. You have to put in enormous effort, bring in machinery, erect the factory, manufacture the product and market it. You will then receive the financial benefits. Having acquired the money, you realize that preserving it is equally painful. Spending wealth is even more painful. So, what exactly are we enjoying in wealth? We have to reflect on the acquisition-preservation-spending and to seek the truth.

The parable brings our attention to the crisis we go through in life. We endure domestic issues, labour issues, financial issues, undisciplined children, ill health of family members and other anxieties. In that predicament we go for small pleasures like going on holiday or to movie to escape the suffering. This is the way our life is. Therefore, it enriches our life to realize the realities of life.

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