How to over come Stress


Understanding StressStress is one of the biggest diseases of the 21st century. Originally the word stress was only used for the pressure, or tension, exerted on a machine: engineers build in a calculation for stress to ensure that the machine functions correctly.


Gradually, however, the term has become more and more popular to describe the state of human beings.When we try to describe stress, a whole chain of words such as ‘push’, ‘pull’, ‘pressure’, ‘more’, or ‘deadlines’ comes to mind. To have to produce, to do more and more and to be better and better at it, creates a lot of tension, which comes from the fear of not being able to achieve the result on time. The materialistic values of getting, having, accumulating and outdoing others in the form of ambition, competition and position produce a lot of stress.When we are stressed, we are certainly overloaded. We think and speak too much and we overreact, all of which affect both body and mind negatively. The worst thing is that this becomes a habit, which is often uncontrolled, and so the simple solution of stop worrying unnecessarily and find time to relax yourself.

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