On Yoga


Ten Nadis go upwards
Ten go downwards.

  In those going up tnere are 24 Sukshma (subtle) Nadis in each pair and Agnya Chakra is brilliant in the centre of these.

Of those going up the nadis that are proceeding to the left are called Ida and those proceeding to the right are called Pingala.


The junction of these two in the middle is called Sushumna.

Ten life-force,
Remaining seven Nadis are:-
The breath will always be flowing in the two nadis of Ida and Pingala Suchumna is in the middle of the two jaws under uvula proceeding through a subtle path to Brahmarandra.


Pooshu and Alambasa associate with the eyes, Ganthari and Nasti-jihwa with the ears, Kuhu with anus, Shankhini with urinary passage and Sarada with mouth.

Prana, Apana, Samana, Udhana, and Vyana are the five kinds of Vayus (airs) besides the other five out of ten kinds of vayus namely, Naga, Koorma. Krukara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya. Of these the most important vayu is the Prana Vayu (Oxygen) which associates with navel.


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