Literal Cerebration: Book Review: Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murthy

I Am so glad to read this article, since I respect and Love Smt. Professor . SUDHA Moorthy.

I know about her only through books and News.

But by now She is like an intimate teacher to me.

Krishna Dathan

Now it’s raining, at a silent time 0.35 of a May 2014…
The incessant rain stopped just now, trees still raining.
A cool environment all together.

Courtesy to this book review by Mr. Sooraj Baabu. S   for this nice rewiew.

I had an opportunity to meet Srimathy Kumari Shibulal of Infosys & Sri Shibulal. Just now I keep day dreams of hosting them at my home, also now, Mr& Mrs Moorthy.

Krishna Dathan

This may be an undeserved desire.
But to day dream, no tax is required, nor any special permission.

But We Should ‘ Deserve’ before we could ‘ demand’.

So I pray and submitt before the omnipotent to make me deserve.

Krishna Dathan

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