Saraswati puja

Basant Panchami Celebration
(Saraswati Puja)


In hindu religion saraswati puja is celebrated all over india.Saraswati is the goddess of Education, Crafts and Arts.
Saraswati puja is
always fall in the month of magh(january – february).Students celebrate saraswati puja with
a great way in college ,school,and in private tuition.Students worship to goddess saraswati for the success of learning,arts and crafts.
She is the mother of the Vedas. She is always dressed in white saree which symbolizes the
purity and she rides on a white swan which symbolizes the purity and discrimination.
In west bengal saraswati puja celebrated in every house. Saraswati puja is a part of social
celebrations.In school ,college the ladies teacher and the young girls try to wear the beautiful yellow traditional silk saree or plain
Pushpanjali are offered to maa
saraswati.Young people enjoy the day with their friends and family.Cultural programmes held in night with great devotion.



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