57 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names..

1. Petrichor: the way it smells outside after rain.
2. Purlicue: the space between the thumb and forefingers.
3. Wamble: stomach rumbling.
4. Aglet: the plastic coating on a shoelace.
5. Vagitus: the cry of a newborn baby.
6. Glabella: the space between your eyebrows.
7. Chanking: spat-out food.
8. Lunule: the white, crescent shaped part of the nail.
9. Peen: the side opposite the hammer’s striking side.
10. Tines: the prongs on a fork.
11. Souffle cup: a ketchup/condiment cup.
12. Natiform: something that resembles a butt.
13. Phosphenes: the lights you see when you close your eyes and press your hands to them.
14. Nurdle: a tiny dab of toothpaste.
15. Box tent: the table in the middle of a pizza box.
16. Cornicione: the outer part of the crust on a pizza.
17. Barm: the foam on a beer.
18. Rasceta: the lines on the inside of your wrist.
19. Overmorrow: the day after tomorrow.
20. Ferrule: the metal part at the end of pencil
21. Punt: the bottom of a wine bottle.
22. Keeper: the loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after it has passed through the buckle.
23. Minimus: your little toe or finger.
24. Zarf: the cardboard sleeve on a coffee cup.
25. Rectal Tenesmus: the feeling of incomplete defecation.
26. Agraffe: the wired cage that holds the cork in a bottle of champagne.
27. Columella nasi: the space between your nostrils.
28. Lemniscate: the infinity symbol.
29. Desire path: a path created by natural means, simply because it is the “shortest or most easily navigated” way.
30. Armscye: the armhole in most clothing.
31. Dysania: the state of finding it hard to get out of the bed in the morning.
32. Collywobbles: butterflies in your stomach.
33. Nibling: the non-gender-specific term for a niece or nephew — like sibling.
34. Griffonage: unreadable handwriting.
35. Paresthesia: that “pins and needles” feeling.
36. Defenestrate: to throw out a window.
37. Muntin: the strip separating window panes.
38. Philtrum: the groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.
39. Snood: the fleshy thing around the neck of a turkey.
40. Vocable: the na na nas and la la las in song lyrics that don’t have any meaning.
41. Tittle: the dot over an “i” or a “j.”
42. Morton’s toe: when your second toe is bigger than your big toe.
43. Crepuscular rays: rays of sunlight coming from a certain point in the sky. AKA what your aunt might have called “God’s rays.”
44. Snellen chart: the chart you look at when you take an eye exam.
45. Crapulence: that sick feeling you get after eating or drinking too much.
46. Obelus: the division sign (÷).
47. Ideolocator: a “you are here” sign.
48. Brannock device: the thing they use to measure your feet at the shoe store.
49. Interrobang: what it’s called when you combine a question mark with an exclamation point like this: ?!
50. Mamihlapinatapai: the look shared by two people who both hope the other will offer to do something that they both want but aren’t willing to do.
51. Phloem bundles: those long stringy things you see when peeling a banana.
52. Semantic satiation: what happens when you say a word so long it loses meaning.
53. Octothorpe: the pound (#) button on a telephone.
54. Gynecomastia: man-boobs.
55. Mondegreen: misheard song lyrics.
56. Scurryfunge: the time you run around cleaning frantically right before company comes over.
57. Aphthongs: silent letters.

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