Another killer joke

The menu at a bhelpuri shop….

1) Rs 10 per bhelpuri
2) Special bhelpuri Rs 12
3) Very Special bhelpuri Rs 15
4) Extra Special bhelpuri Rs 16
5) Double Extra Special bhelpuri Rs.20
6) Sunday Special bhelpuri Rs 25
(Sunday only)

To check each & every Bhelpuri for its different taste, I started eating everyday a different one. . . . .

But soon I discovered that each & every one had  the same taste of Bhelpuri.

Finally one day I asked him the reason for the same taste?
💷 💵 💴

Belwala said: bhelpuri cost. . . . Rs 10

Special bhelpuri means spoons washed … 🍴

Very Special bhelpuri means spoon and plates both washed … 🍛🍴

Extra Special bhelpuri means washing hands before putting the  Bhel in washed plates & served with washed spoons… 👏

Double Extra Special bhelpuri means clean drinking water is provided separately … 💧
Saying this he fell silent.

Then I asked What is Sunday Special?

Belwala said : Sunday … That’s the day I take bath…..

Author: renjiveda

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