Nileshwaram Dhawaleshwaram temples


Shaasta Temple

This temple represents Sabarimala, and people who go on pilgrimage to Sabarimala often do rituals here.
Like Sabarimala, the temple is located in a dense forest and there is a small stream flowing nearby. Although the temple was consecrated in 2005, an older temple was on the site that had a rich past but fell into neglect over the millennia.

This temple has a link with the Saasthamangalam Chathothappan Temple dedicated to Shiva located nearby.

Saasthamangalam Chathothappan Temple

This temple is dedicated to Chathothappan (Lord Shiva). Although the current temple has only been in existence for about 20 years, the temple has a rich history.

The original temple at the site was built 3,000 years ago and the temple fell into disrepair a few times. In the recent past, remains of the old temple including Vigrahams (idols) were found.

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