Light Weight Linux Distributions – A Preview 1 – On Porteus


NOTE : ISO image generated by the wizard will contain Porteus 3.1 FINAL.

NOTE : Standalone ISOs/modules can be downloaded from in the /testing folder for each architecture.

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Porteus is based on Slackware, and similar to Puppy Linux, is aimed at running from removable media such as DVD or USB drive. However it can also be installed like a regular distro. It supports all lightweight DEs including LXDE, KDE4, Razor-qt, MATE, and Xfce.Aug 17, 2015

Although it is based on Slackware — which can be hard to install — Porteus is targeted at less experienced users.

One of the biggest differences between Porteus and the other distros mentioned here is that, instead of installing packages, it uses a modular approach. It has pre-compiled packages called modules, which users can activate or deactivate simply by clicking on them. Because this happens quickly, the overall distribution appears to be blazing fast.


These are just a few of the many lightweight distributions available; you can find hundreds on DistroWatch, for example. I have picked the ones that enjoy some stability, thanks to the communities backing these projects. This offers some assurance that the distro won’t disappear next year, which can happen with less-used, niche distros. The distributions mentioned here also meet the criterion of being easy to install (except for Arch Linux, which I use as a my primary distro). For this reason, I didn’t add Gentoo to the list; you have to compile everything, and that can be discouraging for a new user. The same is true for Tiny Core Linux.

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