Summer April Days 27 th April 2017

Summer Nileshwaram

Kovvai stores Nileshwaram

19.45 to 19.55 at Kovvai cloth stores Nileshwaram . with Krishnadathan we made a Short visit.
Small Store with nice Men’s wear. Cotton Linen Trouser and Shirts. 

1 Shirt 625 x 2= 625

2 Trousers 850 x 1= 850

  1. Total 2100
  2. Paid 1950 discount 150.

Salam know a lot about Hindu religion. And asked about Pooja. Also, he enquired whether Renjith has any relatives at Palaghat..

21.50 Krishnadathan on my lap with a you tube clip in his LYF flame, on jio NET

Power Supply was out for some 10 minutes. Savitha in her new vivo Mobile, attending mock psc in what’s App.

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