My Steps to Pinnacle Series – 1 , Summer Diary 26-05-17

12.00 to 14.00 

Desk top computer of Sri Radhakrishnan Sir, ED Kanhangad.

To ensure security , tried to install and run Antivirus. Failed twice. 

Started the effort with help of Linux. Ubuntu 14.04 for and amd 64 bit x86 Acer machine. 

That resulted in rebooting of machine with a message ” Reboot , failed to detect a proper boot device.

Left the system as such, to go Periya bazaar with AEE , ER. SMT. AAASHA Madom.

Commencement of ” Vilambara Jaatha” ” വിളംബര ജാഥ ”, of Total Electrification – ” സമ്പൂർണ്ണ വൈദ്യുതീകരണം “, is to start from Periya Bazaar at 3 pm. The declaration procession will start from Periya Bazaar. Procession from Paanathur will travel through Balamthode, Rajapuram, Ambalathara aand join. Then both as one Jaatha will proceed to Kanhangad. 

They will be received at Hosdurg , Maanthoppu Maidaany ( Maanthoppu Ground) മാന്തോപ്പ് മൈതാനി.

വിളംബര ജാഥ , shall then slowly Progress as a Celebrative Procession to Buss tand, with percussion of Chenda Vaadyam.

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