Temple Tradition in India

Our Traditions & Practices

While coming out of temple after “darshan”, involuntarily we sit near the entrance. Do you know why…?

Temple being the abode of God, when we come out after ‘darshan’, the Almighty, it is said, accompanies us to the gate to see us off. So by sitting for a moment, we are symbolically taking leave from our host. It is a practice based on age-old belief but the underlying thought process is to make people extend basic courtesy to one another.
That is why, we accompany our guests till the gate to bid them goodbye.

A temple is a scientific construction that is designed to store energy. A visit to temple is primarily uplifting the soul.

Darshan of the deity in the dark sanctum sanctorum in the dim light of burning camphor cools the *sense organ of sight*.

The *sense of smell* is addressed with the fragrance of fresh flowers, camphor, incense sticks and other aromatic compounds.

The *auditory sense* is catered with divine sounds of chanting of manthras, sounding of bells. These correct our internal brain neutral network and the flow of our thoughts.

The *sense of taste* is attended to with delicious prasadam which are tasted in reverence.

At the end, the mind becomes meditative and quiet. So, if one wishes to be free of worldly tensions, he has to visit a temple nearby, spend some time quietly in the divine atmosphere. Making temple visit a regular habit heals the mind too.

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