My strings

May appear like a Bachelor’s slum.
Not so.
Space where Father of Krishna Dathan usually dwell. I forgot almost all lessons of Guitar. Which was a smooth tool in my hands to express myself late back ..1988 to 1993.
Pranaams before Lotus feet of Shri Murali Master who hard worked on my Fathers behalf (Late. C.I.KunhiKrishnan Nambudiri )to teach me how to hold a Guitar… How to play chords…how to decode musical notes. ..
Now both left me. Then in Durga school KANHANGAD, where Sangeetha Ratnam Shri Ramachandran Master who dared to include me as chord player , in School Gaanamela & Orchestra team. He taught me to play lead Guitar. He taught so many secret tricks. My School days were melodious…
Kaithapram Vishwanathan Nambudiri tried a lot to make me more rhythmatic. He taught me Classical Music till MOHANA varnam. I persume he was not successful to nurture such an unmentoble student like Renjith Krishnan. Sorry dear master. Still now keeping rhythm in Music and life seems unsurmountable for me.
Even then I keep that Good old Anjos Guitar my Beloved Father bought for me from Cochin, the cost I don’t know how he met.
I carried it from State Youth Festival Ernakulam, Alwaye & Kasaragod. Evey where Durga HS team won A grade with 1st or Second.
Now in my secluded nights , I try to play those old notes…. So nostalgic

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