Photo from RENJITH C K 🔯२ंजीतं☯

*_Last year, at a time like this, a friend of mine sent me 10,000/-as a NEW YEAR gift, 2 weeks later, *he got promotion* at his workplace !!!!!_*Another friend of mine bought me gift for NEW YEAR, immediately after NEW YEAR , *he won a car* through his bank !!!!!Another one sent me shopping vouchers worth 50,000/=, and believe me, *he got the US Green card* !!!*_You could be the next lucky friend……you never know !! Feel Free to try your luck !!!!!_*
😛😛😛*However, some friends ignored these good luck signs and only sent me sms greetings, their wives made them wash clothes and dishes for full one year.*
Dont ignore, act now for a lucky new year…

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