*🌞🌅🌝🌏🔥🌷💔🧘🏼‍♂️🤝🏼Good Morning🙏🏼*

*Today’s Topic of thought – Why we say “AMBLIAMMAVAN”*
*(Moon as uncle -A loveable Person )*
☯️°✓ *_renjiTham_*✓°🌈
*”Why moon orbiting 384,400 kilometres away has an impact on Earth.”*

*If the Moon suddenly disappeared just like in a fictional movie, our nights will be darker, our world would be radically changed.*

*What are the immediate effects of a no moon world ?.*

*Though it would be a bad situation as per the creator, it would be great thing for anyone observing the sky through a telescope.*

*As we know, the full moon is 14,000 times brighter than Venus, the next-brightest object in the sky.*

*A long lasting no Moon would not be so bright for human.*

*Coral and species of crabs, worms and fish , by their nature, sense the moonlight from particular phases of the Moon. They use this as a trigger to start species-wide reproduction.*
☯️°✓ *_renjiTham_*✓°🌈
*As humans are concerned ,”These Coral species of crabs, worms and fish” (undesirable atomic particles “vomitted or unprocessed particles,during no Sun/ moon days) effect human metabolism, triggering unknown or cronic decises.*

*Knowing this they told us to keep in meditation /to be with the WORLD “PROCTOR” (SUN) during all “SANDHYA”, (Disappeaerance (Non visibility) of Sun & Moon in any way)*

*Now think why our Guru’s and grand parents insisted meditation, fasting and to keep within house, ete.They were not meare false beliefs. They were observing the nature, and insisting such things for a long healthy life to humans .*

*🌹With heart full thanks to all our Grandappas😍 and grand mom’s who told such nature’s law in a different ❤️ humanely💔 language. “THATHWAMASI” and knowing those things as “PRATNJANAM BRAHMA” .🔥👣🌷🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️*
☯️°✓ *_renjiTham_*✓°🌈
*”While MOON 🌝 is our “Loveable uncle”, VENUS is Our “GURU” Whom 🧠teaches ⚛️ us to love uncle as well as her sister 🌏 “EARTH” , and respect the “” FATHER and the ULTIMATE SINGLE GURU 🌞THE SUN”” Let’s Respect All Our GURUS Who Found and recorded all these things for us to deliver “HUMANTRION CONSIDERATION” in each and every sole.*

*Let’s be thankful to them remembering their advises once again, in the present CORONA SCENARIO..*

*Respect our age old Culture (scientifically now proving) with dedication and without anymore hesitation**


*🔥👣Humble Pranams🌹🙏🏼*
☯️°✓ *_renjiTham_*✓°🌈

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