Leading a simple but great life

Smiling with the innocence of a baby

Walking with strong paces

Standing in front of armed men with empty hands

Courageously facing all situations in life

Maintaining a strong body and a peaceful mind

Writing words of truth in a lucid style

Loving one and all as a family member

Taking no food for achieving aims

Making clothes with ones own hands

Thinking for the well being of everyone

Meditating deeply to solve problems

Dreaming without sleep for the freedom of nation

Living for ever in the hearts of people

Remembering the Almighty throughout the life

Uttering the name of God till the last moment of life

Doing all these in a span of life was possible to him

Be proud to live in a country where this man lived with a light of leading.


Written by
Parameswaran namboodiri KK
Maths teacher
02 – 10 – 2021

Author: renjiveda

I'm not I

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