Positive Thoughts

Don’t find Faults
That’s very easy & almost anybody can do it.

That needs intelligence & very few chosen ones can do it.

Our Nature is Our Future”!!🤗


Life Goals #troll

Life Goals #troll

Life Goals #troll

Life Goals #troll

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Adukkathaayar Illam Manthra Shaala

Adukkathaayar Illam Manthra Shaala
Nileshwar, Kerala 671314
094954 16839


Guruthy , Theyyam & Kaliyaattam in a serene atmosphere of Shree Chakra Navaavarana Pooja

ഗുരുതി , തെയ്യം & കളിയാട്ടം


20-05-18 , 21.19 pm

Theyyam, far from being an art form, or a stage presentation of folklore ( as nowadays described), is a deep blend of myth, fear, fantasy, religion, vivid dark colours, demonic rhythm and pure devotion & submission.
Theyyam is an exclusive interaction of Gods & Goddesses with Human beings.
//Raktheshwaryei Namah//