Android Injector

Android Injector is a small, easy to use application designed to enable you to quickly and easily install apps that you have downloaded to your computer in the form of “.apk” files onto your Android phone or device.

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Android Rooting

Rooting an Android phone is kind of like jailbreaking an iPhone.
In laymen’s terms, it means you’re cracking open the hood to access parts of the operating system that were intentionally locked to prevent you from messing them up, or doing anything to your phone that the manufacturer or carrier doesn’t want you to do.
A slightly more technical explanation is to say that rooting means giving yourself “root access,” or greater privileges, or administrator control, to the lowest level of Android’s Linux subsystem.

Warning:If you didn’t pick up on the clues above, rooting isn’t for everyone and can have serious repercussions. While it’s perfect legal, it can void your phone’s warranty (more on that below). And if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t careful, you could potentially destroy your phone. Rooting also opens up more security risks because you can download apps that have access to files that would normally be hidden from them.
So, if you’re perfectly happy with your Android phone as is, there is no reason to root it. If you’re a tinkerer and understand the possible ramifications, then there are several reasons you might want to root.

Why Root Android?
The purpose of rooting is to make the most of the device that you own by getting around the limitations that the manufacturer or carrier has put in place—and again, many of those barriers were put in place to prevent you from accidentally destroying your own device.

Here are some examples of what a root user can do:

access the flash memory chip, which you need to do if you want to modify the Android OS or replace it with a customized version
make the apps on your phone run faster
remove pre-installed apps to free up space
turn the phone into a 3G/4G WiFi hotspot without paying an extra fee.

There are many other reasons to root, too, but the ones listed here are certainly among the most popular.

Tips for Rooting
Before you dive headlong into rooting, here are a few tips:

1. Be phone-specific. This tip comes first for a reason. It’s crucial that you look up information for your phone, and not just for Android across the board. Look for tutorials that are specific to the make and model of your phone, as well as any common problems. The rooting process varies by phone, and following the wrong procedures could cause irreparable damage. Just as important, not every rooted phone will be able to do want you might have been hoping it would. For example, not every rooted device has an unlocked bootloader (necessary to flash ROMs), so make sure you understand what you are getting into and exactly what you want the outcome to be if you root your phone.

2. Read or watch the how-to beforehand. Make sure to read or watch the entire tutorial before you begin, because there are often steps that are crucial that may appear out of order. For example, sometimes you need to disable antivirus software on your computer at a certain step for the rooting process to go smoothly.

3. Learn how to un-root. Rooting is reversible on most phones—again, check whether yours is before you even begin. So before you root, make sure you know how to undo it. Just as it’s important to read the complete instructions before you start rooting, it’s a good idea to figure out how to reverse it before doing anything, as well. Because rooting may void your phone’s warranty, you’ll have to revoke the root access anytime you need to take your phone in for service.

4. Power up. Never tinker with anything less than a full battery. One of the most devastating things that can go wrong while in root mode is running out of battery midway through installing a custom OS or ROM (read-only memory, or the phone’s internal memory where your apps are stored). If your Android dies before the new system is installed fully, it’s extremely difficult to repair and restore the phone.

5. Stay away from extremes. Root users will be enticed to push their phones past its previous limits for maximum performance—a phone that works faster. But remember, the phone makers put limits on your phone for a reason, in this case, to prevent the phone’s processor from overheating and burning out. Root users who know what they’re doing bypass these limits, but should set new limits or other failsafe measures to keep the phone from overheating. If you don’t know how to manage these settings, don’t tempt fate by trying to turn your phone into a lightning-fast machine. It’s pretty fast already.

6. When in doubt, ask for help. If at any point in rooting or unrooting you get stuck, search for help because you’re likely to find it. Android root users have been known to hang around a few helpful hacker forums, such as and, where you can find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. While these online resources will be invaluable, do bear in mind the other tips outlined in this article. Remember that even the most helpful guy on a forum isn’t necessarily a technical writer, and his tutorial may be out of order or not specify which specific phone model he has in hand, or take for granted some other assumption. Comb through the advice you find meticulously before you decide to take it.

With those tips in mind, if you’re looking for tutorials to walk you through rooting, try Lifehacker’s guide to rooting Android devices.

7 Apps for Root Users
Deciding to root your phone shouldn’t be a split-second decision. But ultimately, it’s your phone, you own it, and you can do what you want. So if you do root your Android, here are seven starter apps you’ll want to download. You’ll need the first and second apps immediately in order to actually do anything with your root access, but the other apps are all optional and can be downloaded in any order.

Superuser: lets you manage superuser (root user) permissions; this is the first app a newly rooted phone needs installed on it.

Root Explorer (File Manager) ($3.80): shows you the files you can now access as a root user; this is the second app a newly rooted phone needs on it.

Titanium Backup root: backs up all your apps, removes bloatware, and otherwise helps you manage apps.

ROM Manager: lets you manage and install ROMs from your SD card, and organize and perform backups and restores.

AdFree Android: removes most ads from your browser and apps.

Wireless Tether for Root Users: turns your phone into a mobile hotspot.

SetCPU for Root Users: changes the CPU settings for overclocking (going faster than the limit) and lets you set thresholds (like a temperature) to tell it when to stop; works only on select phones.


Ohm Namah Shivaaya


Thirumanthiram is the tenth Thirumurai in the Tamil Saivaite Panniru Thirumurai. It has been divided into nine sections called Tantras, containing the quintessence of the Saiva Agamas. Sekkizhar, the author of Periyapuranam, designated this Tamil classic as “Tamizh Moovaayiram” since it possesses 3000 poems each of which has unique metrical structure, each line consisting of 11 or 12 syllables, depending upon the initial syllable.
It is the earliest exposition of Saiva Agamas in Tamil, discussing in detail the four related steps of spiritual progress viz.,
1) Carya
2) Kriya
3) Yoga
4) Jnana
Tirumoolar, the author of the text, has been hailed as one of the 63 Nayanmars. He was a great mystic and Yogi. For a very long period he was absorbed in meditation and contemplation beneath the shade of a Bodhi tree at Tiruvavaduthurai and delivered the poems which are collectively called the Tirumandiram i.e. the divine incantations. Historically, the author belonged to 500 A.D., long before the period of the Thevaram trio.


Android WhirlPool
Android Application for this “Thiru Manthiram” is available in Market:

Siine Keyboard Android Market

New dynamic keyboard. Super-fast shortcuts to text fast and fun. Try it!
Siine. A sweet new experience of texting like you talk. It´s not just about speed, its about having personality. Also gives a clock and calendar in your keyboard for typing times – GENIUS!
Be patient, it takes some time to get used to a new idea like this. Siine is a small team and free so please be generous with stars 🙂
If you create a good set of siines, send them in to us at and we may post them in the gallery for others to choose. The best “goodnight” siine wins a place in our next release! We love to see what you can do with it.
Siine the new dynamic keyboard app gives you a great keyboard, but with extra, brilliant features that make texting fast and fun.
Siine gives you shortcut icons called “Siines” for typing frequent phrases in just a couple of taps. Forget about typing letter by letter and customize your keyboard with your own style and slang.
Siine works with e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, chat, Twitter or anywhere you need to type on your phone! Check it out, experiment, and if you enjoy it we love getting some stars and your feedback 😉
Siine keyboard fully supports all Android devices from 2.2 including all tablets and Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Compatible with Android ICS Accessibility features for the partially sighted.
Siine Features
* Shortcuts – Fully-customizable icons for super-fast shortcuts for greetings such as “Hey man, how’s it going?” to “Cool, talk to you soon”
* A built-in Clock and Calendar lets you text about time and dates easier than ever before!
* Stress Message screen for when you’re in a rush. Text “Sorry, can’t talk now. Call you right back” with only a couple taps of the keyboard.
* Slang Sets – Get cool add-on slang sets such as Street, Aussie and Flirting. “Waazzupp?? Holla at me yo!”
* Personalized Emoticons – Love Emoticons? Siine lets you create your very own!
* Sexy Delete – Delete text fast with the wiggle of your finger – ohh la la!
“Think there’s only one way to type on your phone? Think again.” TechCrunch, October 2011
“Siine’s ’emoticons on steroids’ inject personality to text-based messages” WiredUK, February 2012
Feedback & Support
Need help? Please visit our website FAQ and support page at or email us directly at
To stay up to date on the latest Siine news check us out on Twitter at @Siine, Facebook or our blog.
Privacy Policy
Siine Keyboard may collect the following information from users:
• Anonymous crash and usage statistics: This is aimed at debugging potential application faults
• Anonymous usage statistics: This information is collected in order to improve the product and the service discovery

Siine team is committed to offer the best services to its users while protecting and securing data privacy. In that scope, Siine Keyboard:
• DOES NOT store or collect keystroke, key pressed
• DOES NOT store or collect data input in password fields
• DOES NOT store or collect data input in credit card fields
• DOES NOT store or collect any message content
• DOES NOT store or collect sender or recipient of any communication in any application
• DOES NOT collect the content of customized Siine key. Siine keys content is stored locally on device
You can view Siine’s Privacy Policy at

Allows an application to create network sockets.
Allows the application to access the phone features of the device. An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.
Allows an application to write to the USB storage. Allows an application to write to the SD card.
Allows an application to prevent the device from going to sleep.
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GroupMe an Android software

GroupMe groupme TOP DEVELOPER Android Market

GroupMe is the best way to chat with everyone you know. It’s absolutely free, whether you’re talking to a group of friends, or texting with one person. Best of all, it works on nearly every phone, via push or SMS. With GroupMe, it’s easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

On GroupMe, you can catch up with your family, get a group together for a night out, coordinate with co-workers, or just gossip with a few of your closest friends. Think about it like your own private Twitter, just for the people you really know. Or like a faster, better reply-all email.

Samsung Galaxy S2 units 20 million sold worldwide

Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S2 handsets since its launch in April, 2011

Reports suggest the update will land in Q1 of 2012, which means it could be here within a month – well, a bit longer because networks will need to run their own quality control checks.

If the S2 is a bit old for you, the Galaxy S3 is supposedly going to be announced sometime in March – and not at Mobile World Congress – before it hits the UK in July, assuming all goes to plan.