Guru Sanathana

Swami Govindanath Bharati – Shivapuri Baba (1826-1963)

 ”The highest purpose is served by the simple performance of our duties. That is Dharma. This is no easy matter. The duties cannot be recognized and performed properly, unless there is a keen intelligence. Then it is necessary to have a strong mind in order to meditate without wavering upon God. In order to acquire a strong mind there must be moral discipline. Therefore, all three are necessary: duty, discipline and devotion.”
“God has sent Wisdom with you. Wisdom is your friend. Wisdom plays with Desire and by their unlawful contact they gave birth to Mind. This Mind marries a girl named Chapalata or Restlessness and by this he got the five senses. This Mind has got another wife too whose name is Hope and by this second wife he got two sons namely Anger and Greed. Thus a family is set up and they make a home to live in this body. This unlawful playing of Wisdom and Desire is Avidya or Ignorance. And in course of time, as Mind experiences fears and anxieties through the five senses, he becomes much distracted or disturbed, and then turns back to his mother Wisdom and cries for help. Wisdom then comes and consults YOU, meaning Soul, who then tells her to renounce her family and to remain in communion with YOU or Soul. This communion with Soul, is what we call Realization or Bodha.”
Excerpt from; Long Pilgrimage, The life and teaching of The Shivapuri Baba by John G. Bennett
Shivapuri Baba, also known as Swami Govindanath Bharati, was a Hindu saint who reportedly lived from 1826 to 1963, making him 137 years old at the time of his death. He was one of the first spiritual teachers to travel to the West, where he met various European heads of state, including 18 visits to Queen Victoria, as well as U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt,  before returning to India in 1915.
ShivaPuri Baba
Babas’ Teachings to realize GOD is simple. His teaching is Right Life( SWADHARMA) which means Devotion And Discrimination.
Right Life comprises following Physical, Moral and Spiritual Disciplines.
Physical Discipline
 Take care of the Body.
 Decide how much to eat, how much to drink, how much to Sleep,how much sex and extra activity.
 Have a professional duty.
 Earn money to maintain Life and family. Look after your dependents.
Moral Discipline
Follow the 26 divine virtues mentioned in the first three verses of 16th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita..
Do not harm people.
Use discrimination and help people at the time of need.
Contribute at least 10 percent of your income to the needy people, educational institutions, students etc.
Save 30 percent of your income to use that amount at the time of need.
Begin charity from the home, neighbors.
Make your mind strong.The strong mind is the link between two worlds which enables human being to face their duties with serenity and to enter upon his search for God.
Read the Books like Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavata, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Books On Buddha, Christ, Mohammad and other spiritual personalities.
Spiritual Discipline
Devote maximum time in God worship.
Meditate on him, in the beginning with form and try to go beyond form.
If you go on passing your time on meditating on God, God will come in a flash.
If you see God or Truth, all your problems will be solved and no re-birth in the world.
After God realization also the soul immediately will not leave this gross body.
It stays in the body so long as one enjoys prarabdha.
Prarabdha is the accumulation of your deeds in your past life. When balance is not left, no rebirth.
“Truth is harsh and justice uncompromising .”
-Shri Shivapuri Baba

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