Nokia First Windows phone due 2011


Nokia will start to sell its first Windows Phone model this year, the company said on 20-10-2011,Thursday.

Finnish broadcaster MTV3 earlier reported on its website the phonemaker will have only one Windows-based model this year, citing Chief Financial Officer Timo Ihamuotila, but later replaced the story.

In its replacement report, MTV3 quotes Ihamuotila as saying the fact there will be an initial handset does not mean there will be only one model this year.

A Nokia spokesman said the original report was wrong.

This month, chief executive Stephen Elop indicated Nokia would launch several Windows devices this quarter.

Rainy Start – July 12, 2011

Rainy Start – July 12, 2011

Sound of the falling drops of rains.
Things that can never be explained, only experienced. Rain is the best example.
The dim day light, whole atmosphere with particles of rain drops…. The greenary washed and looking afresh…
sound of the rain
Melody of rainining..
Symphony happening while it’s raining..

For a while we think rain has went away, and before the thought fades out, agin it showers….